How to make a recovery partition

I deleted my recovery partition that my OEM created because i thought i didn't need it because i had the install dvd and thought it is useless for me .

Then i read on the internet the benefits from that recovery partition . That partition has been heavily rewritten so there''s no way to get anything from it back .

My question is : How to create , using clonezilla , a recovery partition just like the OEM's do .

I already have a clean windows installation (+ my cusyom settings) so that's not a problem.


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Your best bet probably is to use an imaging package like Acronis True Image. Make a clean install of your op sys, install all drivers needed. Run Ccleaner to remove any junk files from driver installs etc then run Acronis to create the image on your hard drive You can also copy the image to an external drive and/or optical storage Acronis may be booted from the hard drive to recover from any of te images, it also has a tool built in to burn a boor disk to run recovery from in case of a complete hard drive failure.


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I would strongly agree with patcooke's recommendations regarding imaging software and I am also a huge fan of Acronis True Image and have been using it for years, without any disappointments or real problem issues, it's saved me untold hours over the years and can't say enough good things about it.
However since your initial question involved a product called CloneZilla (something I haven't yet tried) I'll refer you to a thread in this forum created by member fjgold in which he provides a link to a tutorial he created which specifically addresses a step by step process using that product. I'm not sure how dated it might be regarding the version he uses but I suspect that the underlying procedures should still be accurate.
As far as I know, I don't believe that you can actually rebuild or reconstruct the OEM recovery partition, but I think you'll find that keeping a current image of your present install on an external drive will actually prove more beneficial, especially in the case of catastrophic mechanical hard drive failure of your primary disk, in which case even the recovery partition would be worthless.

thank you alot .
thank you
i'm curious , how much is acronis true backup (or how it's called )
is it free ?
anyways , the thread is [solved]

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