How to make IE think it's running under Windows XP?

There's a website I'm trying to access, but unfortunately the website has some stupid operating system test that doesn't allow Windows 7 users to enter. Is there a way to make IE tell the website that my operating system is Windows XP while I'm actually running Windows 7?

Here is a link to this website (if this gives some more information):

Joe S

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Try Firefox or enable compatibility in IE it's in the upper corner click on tools. It sure is strange what king of site is itd

Thanks for the reply!
As I said, it's a stupid website. I've tried Firefox but it's no good, the website only works in IE. And the compatibility view doesn't help because it doesn't change the name of the operating system. The only way to solve it is to somehow make IE think it's in Windows XP.


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About the only thing you can do is right click on the shortcut for IE and select "properties"
From here go to the compatibility tab and select "Run this program in compatibility mode for... Windows XP (Service Pack 3)


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The site requires an active x control. called "JuniperSetupClient" You should have a popup bar at the top, if you want to try it, with that message. It also requires you to approve a digital signature.I have no wish to try it, but maybe you should have another look. Fwiw. Firefox refused to access the site .

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