Windows 7 How to open cascade sub-menu ControlPanel->AdministrativeTools->...?


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When I currently open the menu


then there is no further cascading submenu with all parts like

- Services-
- Computer Management
- Event Viewer

Ok, I could click on it and a window with all the entries will popup, but I prefer another subsubsubmenu.

Is there a way to tell Win7 to add/dock/show this sub menu as well?

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If you are only interested in the Admin tools, you can pin that to the Start Menu and Other Programs menu. When you open it that way, the listing shows.

My system, opening control panel opens a separate window, where I select Admin Tools and the window opens for the tools themselves.

Edit: I should mention in order to pin the option, you right click the orb and select properties, customize on the Start Menu tab, then near the bottom you will see that option.
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Ok. So there is no real cascading menu trick for Adminuistrative Tools

Just workarounds like pinning.

Is that correct?
This is all I can see. Other folks may know of a third part utility to do what you ask. If the attachment is not what you are wanting, is there any way to explain or show what that might be?


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