How to open pinned WinExplorer with a certain pre-selected and auto-expanded directory?


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In Windows XP I put a shortcut to WindowsExplorer on the desktop resp. the QuickLaunchBar
and specified in the properties the following opening command:

%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /n,/e,D:\work

When I clicked on this shortcut WinExplorer opened with the pre-selected and auto-expanded directory D:\work.

Now in Win7 this does not work any more.
When I right-click on the pinned WinExplorer icon in TaskBar there is no context menu entry "Properties" and hence no entry field where I can enter the opening command and pre-selected directory.

How else can I achieve the same effect as under WinXP?


Create a shortcut for whatever you need -> right click the shortcut -> pin to taskbar.

Or pin notepad, then right-click it -> properties -> change target path.


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