How to open same file in the same program two times?

I have this problem, I can't open same file twise in windows 7. f.e I want to open same pdf file in acrobat reader, but insted of opening it in the new window t just brings to front my old one. Same with MS Word.... What the hell is this? Or there is some magical way to do that I don't know? to open my file twise i needed to copy it and open that copy... wtf is wrong with this windows?


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If a file is being used by another program, you may not be able to reopen it. If you were to make changes in one, how would that affect the other.

But in windows xp it was weri possible. For example I have a pdf file with ip header structure, in the first page i have the stucture itself visualized and in the next 20 pages I have all the fields explained. So I want to open that file twise, one just to show me the structure and another opened to some 16th page so that I could see and structure and read about that field.
I think there should be oportunity to open that file again, for exemple in read only mode.

You can open another instance of most programs just by holding your shift key then clicking on the icon in the taskbar.

As for opeing a file that can be edited.... it probably won't open twice because there would be so much confusion about which version to keep when you closed it.

Here is how to trick it..... copy it to another file name.. .then open the main file to the index then
open the file you copied it to and go to the 16th page.

IF you make changes in ONE file you have SAVE it and also RELOAD the other one so you can see the changes. If you SAVE the second one it will OVERWRITE your changes in the first one. Is that clear? Who's on first?

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