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Windows 7 How to overclock video in windows 7?


New Member
Mar 27, 2009
video: asus 8600gt
windows 7 64bit build7057
i tried everything: atitool, rivatuner 2.24, smartdoctor, coolbits.
The EVGA Precision utility may be a better choice for a system with a mainboard that does *not* use an nVidia chipset. (I mean the motherboard chipset, not the graphics card.) It's available for download form EVGA if you have registered a product with them, or from:

Link Removed
ntune crashes nvidia control panel

I don't understand it but I can't get the control panel to come up.

I had this working on my single raptor x and then I changed the setup to raid0 with another raptor (not a raptor x).
Now I can't get ntune working. Anyone have an idea what I need to do?

It says XP and Vista, not Windows 7. I keep download all sorts of OC software and none really seems to work. The only thing I have found that helps (with games) is Link Removed - Invalid URL"GameBooster"</a> as it turns off anything I don't really need. I really liked RMClock Utility. Products. CPU Rightmark CPU-RightMark </a> when using XP, but it doesn't work on 7. Anyone know of a similar utility like that which actually works?