how to partition HDD like retail PC's

Like the thread title says, how do I partition the HDD like retail PC's to where that partition has the hidden recovery OS on it. If the big branded companies can do it why can't us little guys.


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Hi Jimbo, what's wrong with the answers you already got. Do they not work.

I was just covering all my bases when I posted is one on here posted a reply and the other forum. It like that most of the time on different forums. I'm not one for waiting around is all.

The answers worked just fine.


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That is perfectly alright. I was just wondering to what extent the proposed solutions did work. It is an interesting subject. No offense meant.

Joe S

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The partition shouldn't be that big of a deal. Making it functional like the factory one would be a chore. Would making a partition with your system image then hiding it work? Accessing it without a disk might be troublesome.

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