How to pin links to folders/files on removeable medias on TaskBar/Start menu?


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Unfortuanteyl it seems to me that Windows 7 does not accept if users want to pin folders or files which are on removeable medias (USB-Sticks, DVDs, TrueCrypt volumes,...) to the TaskBar resp. Start menu.

Is there a trick/workaround for this (e.g. registry modification) so that is possible anyway?



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create an empty .txt and rename it to "name.exe" (confirm the extension change). Pin the exe to taskbar. Now with right click -> properties in "target" box give the destination of your desire folder or software and of course change the icon to whatever you want.


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Great! It works.

Very disappointing that Microsoft cannot handle such shortcuts (any more) out-of-the-box and forces users to fiddle with such work arounds.

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