Windows 7 How to pitch shift (by cents) Windows 7 audio output


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How do I pitch shift (by cents) Windows 7 audio output? Windows sound manager and my audio drivers software only shifts the pitch in semitones. I want to shift the pitch of all outputted audio from Windows to 432 Hz. To accomplish this I need to reduce the pitch by 32 cents.

Ideally, a pitch shifting program that can run in the system tray, with Windows direct sound as its input would accomplish this but I can only find plug-in pitch shifters which require a host application to run.

Any ideas how to accomplish this without having to buy an audio card with cents capability? Another idea was an external pitch shifting unit that the audio can be fed through but I'd rather a program with real-time pitch shifting of Windows direct sound.


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Apologies your post was never answered. Did you still require any help? Not that I know that much about the subject you mention.. Have you tried to just Google for what your looking for?


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I haven't found a solution. I have spent a long time searching the web. It's strange that I have not found any discussions or mentions of programs for pitch shifting all audio from Windows.


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I've been trying to do the same thing for a long time, but unfortunately I can't find any resources on the internet about it.