How to print to dynamic IP printer

I have a window 10 PC , it use wired network to connect internet , the IP address is

I have a router , the internet IP is , I also have a printer attached this router , the printer dynamic IP is

Now If I want the above PC ( IP address : ) can print to this printer , how to config it ?

thanks a lot .


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start by opening CMD from the main computer and ping the 192 address... assuming the router is not also a firewall that should get a reply
if you don't get a reply then the network will need work done before you can talk to the printer... make sure the printer is actually turned on

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Why is the printer being given a dynamic address on a class C network 192.168.*.* and where is it being allocated from? Why not just used DHCP from the router to allocate a class A address on 10.*.*.*


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I think I would allocate in the setup menu of the printer a static and fixed, not a dynamic and changing IP address.