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on a page. Can't copy and paste and when I press Print Screen, nothing happens. I went to Notepad, but it was blank...


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You haven't made it exactly clear what you're trying to do. The print screen function takes a screenshot of your current desktop which then can be loaded in to anyhig that supports copy/pasting images.

Care to provide a little more detail?


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I have an ACER Aspire One Notebook PC with a wireless keyboard(Logitech K260). I have Windows 7 64-bit Home Edtion OS. I was using program, listing various books I want to transfer to my E-book. When the home Calibre screen pops up, I press the PrintScreen key on the keyboard and nothing happens. I don't get it printed and I have no idea if that screen is moved somewhere. Certainly not to Notepad(it's empty).

I need to print that screen, but how?
I'll try to use the YouTube How-to, but I'm not hopeful...

Once you click the print screen, it automatically saves it. Then open up paint, go to start orb, programs, accessories and look for paint. Open paint, then click paste it. From there you can print.

If you don't have a printer you wont be able to print anything!

Glad you got it sorted out.


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For what it's worth at this late date you can also use the snipping tool.
I use this because you can copy only the part of the Window that I need.


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