How to re-enable left touchpad button on my notebook? Left mouse button works


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Since a few days the left touchpad button on my Samsung notebook does not work any more.

Double tipping on the touchpad itself (as replacement action) or using the left mouse button works fine.

So what error can it be?

How can I find out the reason?

No mechanical damage is observable.



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There should be a touchpad panel where you can set actions for the touchpad. You might check that to see if the left button is set incorrectly.

But it sounds like the button is just no longer working. Possibly something has gotten under it or a mechanical failure of some type.

I suppose you could try unplugging the mouse, but that setup has never caused me problems.


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Additionally it may be possible that the Windows Update Utility or something else may have updated your TouchPad driver to one that is less than optimal for your particular device (Alps, Synaptic, etc.,). You can try to use Device Manager to roll back the driver if that option is available or Check with your manufacturer (Samsung) to make sure you have the latest driver for that device (from them) installed.

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