How to recover themes after Windows 7 reinstall?


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Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
Generic (self built) PC

I tend to reinstall Windows twice yearly for various reasons & always run into this issue so figured it time to see if there's a simpler solution than the one I'm using.

Basically I love the slideshow option & have 3 or 4 folders with up to 1000 images (e.g. Seasons, Aviation, Gardening etc) so a LOT of images to play with. Over time I untick maybe half of those & resave the themes as for e.g. Winter1, Winter2 etc. So I then have say 12 themes or more built up over those 6 months each with different photos ticked out of whatever number is in each folder. I have most of the theme images on a different drive to Windows.

But after the reinstall what I find is that if I pull any of those backed up themes back into Windows, it will run them ok but with a black icon showing in the Personalisation window, and ALL images ticked when opened. So I then have to go through the laborious job of unticking those I don't want showing all over again & then resaving it.

Not the end of the world or the toughest thing to achieve but is there any way I can get those themes to show the correct icon as before and have the right photos ticked?? I presume such settings are held in the Registry perhaps which is why I lose them each time - if so, can someone point me to the registry key so that I could then back that up for future use?

Thanks in advance
Romayne :)