How to Reduce Size of Fixed Window for Small Screens So OK and Cancel Buttons Are Visible??


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I use a small computer with a 10.1" diagonal screen. Many applications like Acrobat (for the Properties window), Quicken (for several windows like Schedule Bill or Deposits) and some Quicktime settings windows have fixed window sizes that extend off the top and bottom of screen. Win7 does not let us drag the window upward off the screen so we cannot access the OK, Cancel or any other bottons on the bottom of the window to change settings.

Is there some feature that permits us to drag windows upward above the top of the screen or lets us reduce the size of such windows from the top (since they can be dragged downward)?


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You can usually (note:usually) get the double arrow that allows you to resize the window from the very top of the window (above the title bar). If you can move the window down and reduce the height from the top, you can then move the window back up to expose your "OK", "Cancel", etc. buttons. You sometimes have to even do this in a couple of steps to get the window short enough, but this procedure usually works. Good Luck.


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Thanks, but as I mentioned, the tops and bottoms of some these fixed windows extend above and below the screen. Others don't permit the up/down sizing arrows.

Guess it may be time for MS to go out to developers with new sizing guidance for fixed screens now that netbooks are becoming popular.

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