how to remove a page from the desktop

I have been scanning a document (in 3 pages) as a TIFF file. Inadvertently the first page is now in the desktop and I cannot remove it. Any help will be appreciated, Mab


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ok so u have a .TIFF file on your desktop and you are unable to remov it?

if so whats it say when you try and remove it ?

I am afraid i do not understand your question. .Nothing moves the page which is covering the small picture of a sail boat: I cannot ' select' and 'delete' it; I cannot put it in the trash bin. I restore to previous point (May 17); no good, document still there. There must a method to clean the desktop...... Thanks for your attention.

Back: I just got it from windows 7:
start-> change your desktop background->select another picture........... this does it. Now I do not have the document, the old sail boat. I have a nice picture of plants.....

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