How to remove IE7?

Hi guys,

Im trying to remove IE7 and go back to ie6 as a football website i use doesnt seem to work with IE7

As far as i can see IE7 is just part of Vista and thats that,if anyone has any sujestions please dont hesitate



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Have you tried to install IE6 over the top of it?

Yeah i did,it just says there is already a version of IE or something along the lines of that


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Hi, I found this through Google How to remove IE7 - REW Thomas's Blog - REW Blogs Real Estate Blogs looks its just what you need.. :) Bugger! sorry I should have read it properly first.. Back to the drawing board

I have been checking through some sites and it does seem doubtfull if indeed it can un-installed. Apparently its quite an integral part of Vista. I did find this page though which could be worth reading and it does actually give you instructions on how to remove it.
Release Notes for Internet Explorer 7

It goes on to say that you have to type this in your 'Run' box and it will un-install..
%windir%\ie7\spuninst\spuninst.exe I did try it but with not much luck, maybe more reading is required. Hope this helps and good luck.



download the internet explo 6 from any web site and install it into your computer it will automatically remove the ie7

Instead of trying to use IE6, why not see if a third-party browser such as Opera or Firefox does the trick? :)

<Note: I am not in any way, an IE7 hater>

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