how to remove JadeHe.dat malware


hi guys.
When I am playing games half way, I occasionally get auto alt-tab to desktop. It is very disruptive to my game. I went to check what is the cause of it by clicking on my volume icon and then click on mixer, I realise it is rundll32.exe that is causing the problem. Rundll32.exe will only appear in the volume mixer when auto alt tab happen.
I realise that it was cause by a malware C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\CloudMedia\JadeHe.dat.
I try to remove this file or rename it but this folder and file appear back again. how do I permanently remove it?
I scan with ms security essential but it doesn't detect it as a virus.

Please help me in removing this virus. thanks

Plz see below 2 screenshot.


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Hi, I'm Selina. Have your problem been solved? If haven't, I suggest you to lanuch your PC in Safe Mode which will help you dignose the computer problem. Then go to your Control Panel and remove any suspcious programs. Next, check your plug-ins and extensions in your browser. Ig you find any malicious extensions, delete them. To ensure a complete removal, sometimes it is necesary to reset browser to default settings.

When you surf the internet, never visit any suspicious websites. Download software only from official site or reliable sources. Do not open spam emails that may contain viruses or other malware programs. If you are interested in protecting PC from malware infections, this article will be helpful.