Windows 7 How to Remove Windows 7 from dual boot


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I had installed Windows 7 with a dual boot with Vista and now I facing a lot of problems..I`m not interested to be on Windows 7...but I`m not sure how i`m suppose to remove it...Any help would be appreciated..
I am not familiar enough with vista to be completly helpful , but, there is within vista the ablility to choose your startup options. I guess the first question is can you boot cleanly into vista. Secondly is it on the same partion or a different partion? If it is on a different partion is it on a different physical drive or the same drive? Thants allt he time I have to ask question as my wife needs her computer now. Anyone else please chime in.
Do you have any problems other than the dual Boot?
Anyway, the easiest is to download EasyBCD, and install it in Vista. It gives you a lot of options to manipulate the dual boot, including removing entries.
Where are you at today? Can you answer the questions I posed to you above? Or is this a separate issue altogether?
If this is TRUELY on a separate partition, then its very simple. And SHOULD not interfere with Vista.

1. Within System Properties\Advanced\Startup and Recovery - select Vista or Older operating system as the default
2. While in Vista, within DISK Management. You will see the partition that Win7 is on. Once you have verified that this is it, then right click on the partition graphic below and select delete partition. (But you must be sure! I have notice that my Win 7 sees its partition as C: but does not recongize my XP c: but does see it in Disk Management.
3. Restart

Is there anything wrong with Vista? What are the 'lot of problems' that you have. Please explain those prior to following the instructions above.
yeah, but if you are having issues beyond the the install of Win7 then this will not fix your issues and may exacerbate them even more. But id Vista is working fine then what you have stated will also work.
I have notice that my Win 7 sees its partition as C: but does not recongize my XP c: but does see it in Disk Management.

I had this same issue, It must forget to rename all partitions, and so Windows throws out the conflicting C: drive.

You can access it though. In Disk Management, Just right click that partition and assign it another drive letter. Worked for me.
Or you could try an excellent free utility like -- Norton Partition Magic alternative: Freeware for Windows 2000/XP/Vista - FREE EASEUS Partition Manager Home Edition. -
And make a boot able disk.and delete from boot,then resize your partition or partition's,all very easy.
I did this recently to install Win7,had 37Gb's drive with Xp taking up 16Gb's,so allocated the 16Gb's to win7,took 40 minutes with no problems.My partner boot's to Xp me to Beta.
Just wandering what's your problems are ,as it's running much better than Xp,this on 512 ram,no aero.