How to restore Drive lost after blue screen dumping?


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Please every body help me to restore my Drive wich lost after blue screen dumping.
Data in drive that is very very important.


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Hello okiksetianto,

This software has an excellent partition/drive recovery wizard, you can use the free home edition @ Free Partition Manager Software for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, 32/64 bit - AOMEI Partition Assistant Home Edition or you can obtain a free license for the Pro edition @ Aomei Partition Assistant Pro Edition (Give Away)

Hope this helps and keep us posted


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I usually put the drive in an external USB enclosure when this kind of thing happens. Plug it into another computer and copy your data off of it (make sure you get it all).

After that, run a couple of disk diagnostics (Check Disk then SeaTools) to verify that there's nothing wrong with the drive.

At this point, put the drive back in the computer and try a repair install. If that doesn't work, a fresh installation will.

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