How to rip a DVD with two movies on it??

[h=1]i have a DVD with two movies on it and wanna watch the movies on my netbook (no optical drive). i will use my friend's PC to rip it to my usb drive.[/h]


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First, when the material being ripped is not in the public domain, and the person making the rip does not have the copyright owner's permission, then such ripping may be regarded as copyright infringement. However, some countries either explicitly allow it in certain circumstances, or at least don't forbid it. Some countries also have fair use-type laws which allow unauthorized copies to be made under certain conditions. As mentioned above, circumventing copy protection mechanisms, such as the encryption used on most commercial DVDs, may also be illegal in many countries.

Please make sure that it is legal in your Country before you rip a DVD.

There are free DVD rippers like Free DVD Ripper - Rip DVD to AVI MP4 H264, Rip DVD to Android & iPhone iPad - Free DVD Ripping software and others. You can download the free VLC Player which can play VOXB files (the files on the DVD) so you can just copy\paste the DVD content to your computer, without "ripping", and play it with VLC.

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