How to Run System Health Check


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Run a System Health Check

Press Windows key+R

Then type perfmon /report and press Enter or Click OK (remember to put a space between perfmon & /)

Now it will generate a report, it will complete in 60 seconds.

Now you can view your results in great detail.

The report includes a whole load of things here are just a few:

Diagnostic Results Warnings, Performance,
Software Configuration, OS Checks, Security Center Information, System Services, Startup Programs
Disk, Hot files, Disk breakdown, Physical disk, NTFS Performance
CPU, Process, Service, Services, System
Hardware Configuration, Disk Checks, Systems, Desktop Rating, BIOS, Devices
Memory, Processes, Counters

Hope you found this useful!

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Nice posted, Sir.
I am going to do it right away, see what I got.

and thank you for those IMAGE. and really help to understand more.

Have great Week-End.

Really Helpful for Windows7 user on how to keep windows 7 safe

I had a try, OMG, so many problem...


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Nice job man

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