Windows 7 How to select a certain network adapter (e.g.VPN) for usage of a certain prgm (e.g.Firefox)?


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Normally users have ONE network adapter for all programs (browsers, email clients, chats,...).

Ok, now lets install an additional VPN. As far as I know a VPN client installs a second, virtual network adapter on a Win7 system.

Assume I don't want to use one of the network adapters for ALL prgm. Instead some programs (InternetExplorer, Thunderbird) should use the traditional (non-vpn) network adapter while the Firefox browser traffic should go over the new vpn network adapter.

How exactly can I assign a certain network adapter to a certain program?
Or should I say assign a prgm to a network adapter?

Can I temporarily switch on and off this assignment or does an assignment change always require a restart?