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    Following to the many problems I have experienced after a clean Windows 7 install (and reinstall, and then another 20 reinstalls), I am now faced with one of the last problems to solve (I eliminated the many other issues one by one).

    The default graphics card is an ATI Radeon 3650 with only a VGA output. The 2nd card is an ATI Radeon 3200 with VGA and HDMI outputs. I assume Acer added this 2nd card because of the HDMI slot. I use this HDMI slot to connect my Acer Aspire M5201 (desktop) to my HDMI tv. So I want the 3200 card to be the default, which wasn't any problem before the Windows 7 install. In Vista I just opened Catalyst Control Center, configured my monitor as main screen and the TV as 2nd screen and that was it, never touched it again. But now, every time I restart the PC, it switches automatically to the default graphics card, which means I have to reconfigure my graphics settings in CCC, switch the VGA cable again to the 3650 card and then back to the 3200 to have the whole system running again like I want to.

    So the question is: how do I get my machine to remember the graphics settings when restarting?
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    I have downloaded and installed :
    - the Windows 7 x32 driver
    - the Windows 7 x64 driver
    - the AGP Hotfix for x32
    I did a restart (twice) and everything worked.
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