how to set the appearance of a directory ?


I would like to change the appearance of a directory, to view the files as a list.
How do i change it for good ?
It seems there is not such an option :frown::confused:


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Choose list in Windows Explore, now go to Control Panel > Folder Options, click the View tab and hit the Apply to all folders.

Sometimes it looses this setting.

i've tried it

but it doesn't work.
each time i change the folder's name / create a new folder - the view is details.


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Let me give you a registry hack

Are you an experienced user?

nope, can't say that i am..
but what's ur idea ?


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It's a small script that you place in Notepad and save the file and double-click on it to add it to the registry It;s called savesettings.reg

The forum does not allow .reg file to be attached, so that;s why you have to use Notepad to create the file

Let me kno if you're interested.


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You may not have to go that far. Open a folder and select the view you want to use, like icons. Then click organize, folder and search options, view, Apply to folders.

I created new folders after I did this and they opened with the icon view.

i've tried it.
it doesn't work on my machine, for some reason.
when i create a new folder, it's view is the f***ing "details" view..


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The process does not work in folders that are libraries, which might be indicated by the title in the upper right pane. It might also be indicated if the "apply to folders" button is greyed out.

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