How To Set Windows 7 Backup


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Although I Am New here to Community ,, I Wanna to share some useful tutorials with all Windows Member ..


[FONT=&amp]Why We need to Backup Windows 7 :[/FONT]

  • When your computer Become useless .
  • You get infected by virus .
  • You can’t Access your computer due to some technical problem .

If you have previous backup for your computer you can restore it within 2 Minutes without losing your data files (Images-E-mails-Documents) .

So Backup computer is very important for any computer user afraid from losing his important data .

Here I Will Show You how you can Backup Windows 7 EASILY With simple steps ..

1- Click on start menu > Control panel

2-Backup and Restore Under system and security .

3-You can find “Set The Backup ” Click on it .

4-Here you will find best drivers to save backup on but it recommended to save it to external Driver (Usb – DVD)

5- After that you get window you can choose what you want to backup up first choice “Let Windows Choose ” .

6- Here another windows “You can choose what files exactly you want to backup ” .

7-After Back up Finished you get “Windows Backup has completed successfully , Click “Close” .

Watch Video If You Have Any Problem

How To Backup Windows 7 In Just 2 Minutes - YouTube

In Next Post I Will Show You How you Can Restore Backup Easily ..

If You Have Any Question Leave and i will reply as soon as possible .

In NexT Post i will show you how you can restore backup .

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How To Restore Backup In Windows 7



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if i have an ssd drive do i still have to back my files up? i read that you can only write to an ssd so many times and its best not to ruin it

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