Windows 10 How to setup youtube-dl on windows 10

Youtube-DL makes it easier to download videos from Youtube for anyone who knows the very basics of the command line. No captchas, no forms, just a straight download by copying and pasting the url of the video on the console.

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Janoroot, page gives the 404 error, something is wrong with the article you have linked. From my own experience I can say that I’m using only youtube converter and downloader mp3/4, to download the necessaries songs or video that i could not find on other platform like soundcloud or spotify. The only disadvantage is that often you can be redirecter to dubious sites, after you click download. Otherwise it works great... you can try by yourself to make sure of what i said, the convertation process is very fast, and the downloading one dependening by the size, may take up to 30 seconds. Wish you a good day.