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    I've spent the last 7 months trying to find how to move files from my XP machines to my stupid Win 7 laptops desktop. All I could ever find online was people saying "that would be dangerous" and "you shouldn't do that" and loads of other drivel about how Big Brother M$ is looking out for me by making it as difficult as possible. However... if I want to share my folders with my computers in my house on my network I should be able to. So... for those of you who are tired of being told what you can and can't do with YOUR computer, here's how to do it.

    **Note** To share your desktop you need to go to your C/Users folder and follow the steps. Obviously if you have a "D" drive you'll need to pick your D drive.

    Right click C drive and go to Properties. Click the Security tab. Click Edit, then Click Add. Enter the name NETWORK, and then click Check Names. Click OK. Check all the Allow boxes, and then click OK. Click the Sharing tab. Click Advanced Sharing, then Permissions. Check all Allow boxes for Everyone. Click OK then OK.
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