how to show desktop without using win+M

Hey guys!
As you see this is my first post. I want to make some "show desktop shortcut" on the taskbar, and when i click on it, it must to react same as when i press Win+M hotkey

when i save this as show.scf it is react just like Win+D hotkey. But i want to create win+M hotkey's shortcut.

if it possible to make this shortcut please let us to know, when you click on it it must Minimize all windows by effect.

And i want to sort folders by myself, for example..

i have folder A, B, C, D and and i want to sort them not by alphabet or by size.. i should able to put folder D after A, i cant drag them. Please help me and sorry for my poor English.

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Why not just use the Windows Peek button which should already be on your desktop. Actually on your taskbar just to the right of your clock. You can right click it and change if from peek to show if you want to.

EDIT: In response to your edit after my initial reply. You cannot "Arrange By" size. However; you can "Group By" and "Sort By" if that helps at all. There may be some third party software products that might help, I know I've heard other members mention using something like "Classic Shell" you might try google.
Additionally if you really need a show desktop icon, have a look here
or here
Good luck and welcome to the forum

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Thanks for repply. I just installed Win7 and its so diffrent than XP. I can allready switch to my desktop by using keyboard shurtcut (win+M), which is very cool.. I just want to learn if it is possible to make it clickable... It is same thing to use Win+D or to click "show desktop" shotcut. which is accesable by
C:\Windows\explorer.exe shell:::{3080F90D-D7AD-11D9-BD98-0000947B0257}
I am searching similar shurtcut.
I hope i expressed myself.

Thank you zvit.
I made an exe file an shurtcut to it by using autohotkey. i put it near the start button. its work perfectly.


and i finally successed to sorting files and folders whatever i like... I mean i am able to drag folder "d" between "a" and "b"... Here you can read how to make folders draggable.


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Excellent job!

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