How to show the "Boot screen" some seconds longer? Force enter BIOS setup?


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When I boot my Win7 system then the Boot Screen (where I can press ESC resp F2 to enter the BIOS)
appears only for a couple of MILLIseconds.

This is too short.

Even worse: Sometimes the Boot Screen is completely not visible any more.

How can I tell the system to show this Boot Screen for lets say 5 seconds minimum?



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See solution 3 here.


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Many systems have a bios entry to determine how long a Splash Screen might stay visible, or some such entry. Turning off a splash screen might allow you better access by allowing you to see the real boot screen. Using the pause button might help, but not sure. Tapping the key before the actual screen appears might also help.

New ASUS motherboards have something called "Fast Boot", and it is almost impossible to get into the bios on those. I leave mine set to normal boot, or you can start from a powered down state and it will revert to a normal boot the first occurrence.

Some of the newer, Windows 8 certified boards seem to have buttons or utilities to allow entering the bios, check the link. But I don't know of anything to boot you directly into the Bios without some intervention.

ASUS Windows 8 - Ready Motherboard : Get you Onboard

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MY sister has an E Machine and it's a pain like the ASUS to get into BIOS on it also.

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