How to tag videos?


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If click on a picture it gives me the ability to add tags, but if I click on a video I am missing that ability. The same can be said when I view the "details" tab after I go into the properties window.

Whats going on? I got over 100 000 pictures, there no way id ever tag them... Id have to quit my job... yet videos (which potentially need to be tag because they can contain way more info) seems to be missing this critical tag aspect?



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Hi iMiss,

this web page 'may' be of some help, if not, let me know and I'll investigate further..

Add tags or other properties to a file


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that web page just tells me some file will work with tags while others wont...

I need to figure out some way to make it work with the files that dont work by default (videos).

Has this problem been resolved? I have several hundred flv videos that I would like to tag. Finding trustworthy 3rd party apps has proven to be difficult.


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I don't deal much with videos, but I remember music files depend on the format and what you can add as a tag. I would think Videos might also have some limitations in a similar manner.

But it also might depend on who owns the file and if it has any digital rights restrictions. But the attachment shows a video file where you can type in information by running the mouse over the blank area in line with the information, which opens a box.

Hi Saltgrass,

Thank you for your reply, unfortunately flv files do not have this option. Even when trying to "Remove personal information" there is nothing selectable. I am running as the Built-In Administrator and I have ownership of every file. Seems like something that would be pretty basic to figure out, but it is turning into a pain in the ask.

Was this question ever resolved with an answer? I'm looking to tag videos too and not seeing a clear approach with Windows 7. Anyone have suggestions?

Hello mgirolami,

The only solution that I've found is to convert the videos to mp4. Finding a reliable conversion app has been nearly impossible. The apps that actually work are loaded with more addware than they're worth...

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