How to take a screenshot from the logon/lock screen?


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I tried different methods, one including shutting off explorer.exe and launching LogonUI.exe, but it doesnt work, logonui.exe doesn't launch at all.And even if i take a screenshot, win7 empties the prntscreen cache everytime someone logs in/off, so im stuffed.Any software/recommendation on this one?


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I don't know of a utility, but a digital camera, if done correctly can do it.


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I would have done it with a camera, but it's not the same thing.

@ Ben: I have set-up multiple backgrounds for the logon screen changing everytime i logon/off, so i want to take a screen of them at the logon screen.


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That's the same thing i did Ben, but logonui doesn't launch for me.Using Win7 Ultimate 64 bit, if that helps.

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