Windows Vista How to turn off internet connection?


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Feb 11, 2009
I know it is here somewhere, but where is the internet connection to disable? When I play games I don't want the internet or other programs on that might interfere. I did it easily with XP, but I can't fine where to disable in win 7. Thanks
Try going to Control Panel > Network and Sharing and disable your active connection

Otherwise, simply pull you ethernet cable.
Disabling the internet will speed your computer up less than a tenth of a percentage point if you're not actively loading web pages or downloading files. It's a waste of time. an idle internet connection only downloads fractions of kilobytes a minute, which wouldn't even register in task manager as using any processor.
Has nothing to do with speed. If the internet is on then the antivirus has to be on which means when it catches incoming issues it pops up which means the game is interrupted everytime....get it yet? By the way thanks for the actual answer reghackr
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