how to uncache/release RAM

i do accept for win7 to take 40% of RAM in idle to load some things faster OS related
but today i ran Warcraft 3 and Photoshop CS2, and now RAM usage went from 400 MB to over 700 MB
i have 1 GB but now small lag already is felt in some aspects

and as much as MS did brag off their memory management and how OS releases RAM when apps ar enot used
i dont see it at all, and when i run another app that needs RAM, the OS wont release memory at all
it only raises it up...

i tried with various tools for RAM optimisation but they only sucseed to recover like 50 MB back
and Win7 eats them back then

is there some command line built for OS that may stop some service or whatever to flush
redundant data from RAM ?

Joe S

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I hate to hurt you feelings but 1 gig of ram is pretty wimpy for Windows 7 I'd recommend 4 gigs for best performance. Is this an old PC built for originally XP?

You could try to disable superfetch that would leave some RAM free,but the real answer is a small RAM upgrade even another gig would make a world of difference, board supporting of course.

blast !

yes it had XP but i got tired of it and i like 7 :p
anyways thanks for answer

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