Windows 7 how to undo?


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i installed windows 7 in my computer with little problems that i have solved. the problem is that i have a external hd and it was showing up in device manager but not in my computer. after triying the drivers that came with the enclosure still wont show up in my computer.after triying for a while by mistake i mess in usb controllers and now it apears as storage drive usb in disk drives in divice manager and it was showing before in device manager as wd bla bla bla (sorry i dont remember but the way a normal hd apears in disk drives in device manager) how can i undo this so i can get the full device description in disc drives on device manager. and how i can get it to show in my computer. thanks
Unplug it and stick it a different usb slot and reboot, Windows will the drivers for it.
Does it show up in disk management when you right click computer and hit manage? If its there maybe it needs a new drive letter. Give it a new one see what happens.
i got it to show up again in divice manager as wdc wd80 ojb-00JJco-usb device now when i go to star+computer right click and manage disck manager i get my disc 0 that shows ok but disc 1 (my wd hd shows as dinamic, invalid and offline also when a right click on it i try to put in inline and the program shows not responding. please help. thanks