how to unhide system a file

hello everyone....
can anyone help me with how can i unhide a system file of windows 7.....
as this option is locked for system files.....:confused:


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Click: Control Panel - Appearance and Personalization - Folder Options - Show hidden files and folders

Under: Hidden files and folders - select: Show hidden files, folders or drives
Uncheck - Hide protected operating system files.

I hope you don't do anything you regret in there. There are reasons why they recommend these files stay hidden. Also it will put 2 grayed out icons called desktop.ini on your desktop. I always leave them hidden in my computer

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hey thanx for the information .........but i was asking how to change the attribute "hide"of the system files so they remain displayed while hidden files box is still checked.
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Technically you can't as its a system file and unless you've elected to show all system files it won't appear.

Having said that, I'm not sure of stuey's answer, but I've managed it in the past by using Attribute Manager by miklsoft, but never on any of the "deep" system files.

wow this attribute manager really worked.....u rock elmer.... thanx alot.......also thanx to stuey for helping me.... this hidden administrator account is also a new thing for me....

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