Windows 7 How to uninstall trend micro 2009


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Jan 15, 2009
I made the mistake of installing trend micro on windows 7. How would I go about repairing this. Windows 7 wont allow updates from trend. Computer keeps crashing, I have no administrative rights to recover or remove program.

I know xp but new to vista-windows7

Open an elevated command prompt
type "cmd" in the start bar search menu, and right click command prompt, selecting "Run as administrator"
Then, in the command prompt type "net user administrator activate:yes" (without quotes) and hit Enter.
That should elevate you to full admin, and you should be able to remove the program.

I'll give that a try thanks.

same problem!

I have the same problem and have been sent a "tool" to uninstall from Trend but that doesn't work! I followed the instructions to get into admin but when you say "you should be able to remove from there" HOW?
Doesn't recognise words like uninstall, delete, remove! How do I get the instruction to remove this nasty?