How to "uninstall" Windows7?

I had Windows XP on one of my laptops and installed Windows 7 on a seperate partition to see how it would cope. Well.... it doesn't cope at all.
I have the dual boot screen when I start the laptop and the default is of course the last O/S system loaded. i.e. Windows 7.
Unless I am quick enough to change the bootup, it tries to load Windows 7. And when I say tries, I mean 'tries'. Windows will load after about 20 minutes but is unusable. Nothing will respond. Nothing will function.
I cannot change the boot sequence on XP. I have to 'be in' Windows 7 environment to edit the boot sequence, but I cannot get there.

How do I either competely uninstall 7 or at the very least change the boot sequence without 'loading' Windows 7?

Thanks guys


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Try using Easy BCD, as I recall you can install it in XP and use it to alter the boot order from there. Give it a go Download EasyBCD 2.0.2 - NeoSmart Technologies
As far as uninstalling and or removing windows 7, it can be a little complicated but basicly involves making sure that the necessary files required to boot XP are present on the active partition of your primary hard drive and repairing the master boot record with fixboot and fixmbr have a look at this article and see if it helps.
How to Uninstall and Remove Windows 7 or Vista Leaving Windows XP on Dual Boot System


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If you can't get on XP, try to make a bootable cd with XP and format the partition with Windows 7. Or try Hiren's boot cd. It contains Smart FDisk wich is a good disk manager.

Or you could remove all your windows 7 files in harddrive, but I don't recommend you do this. You will need third party software.

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