How to upgrade HDD and keep my license?

Two years ago I bought a laptop that came with Windows 7 Home Premium installed. Now I would like to know if it's possible to upgrade my HDD and keep my OEM license, and how?


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I believe the changes have to be substantial such as motherboard or CPU, I would personally just do it and if it does need re registering I doubt it will take more than a phone call to Microsoft.

So there's nothing wrong with installing any Windows 7 Home Premium copy to my new HDD then try to activate it with my OEM key?


My laptop is a Lenovo IdeaPad Y560 and it came with no CD or DVD.

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Creating a system image is a good way to replace a Hard Drive. You won't even have to re-activate. But the partitioned space on the old drive must be equal to or less than space available on the new drive.

And I agree with ickymay, a new hard drive will not void a OEM license.


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As saltgrass says an image is another way and I concur might be simpler , and I have changed hard drives many times for my customers using fresh install or Image and not had a problem yet :cool:

Be aware you can use a regular Windows 7 retail DVD and a genuine Windows 7 OEM product key to perform a "clean install"

However, when it comes to product activation, you'll need to use the "activate by phone" method.

The important thing to match is your version so install home if your key is for home and install pro if your key is for pro etc .....

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Thank you very much!!! That's all I wanted to know...


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Legally, Microsoft grants certain timely or dimensional rights to programs. Once you've bought a right, they are bound to be quite servant. It's called customer service.

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