How to Upgrade RC to RTM

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    This might be worthy of a sticky

    From keznews......

    How to Upgrade Windows 7 RC/Beta to Windows 7 RTM

    1. Mount Windows 7 RTM Build 7600 ISO and Extract content to any folder or USB drive

    2. Now go to Sources folder of Windows 7 and open “cversion.iniâ€Â￾ file in notepad

    3. Modify the “MinClientâ€Â￾ build number to a value lower than your installed Windows 7 Build. For example, change 7233 to 7000 if you have Windows 7 Beta Build installed.




    4. Save the updated file to the same location and then run setup.exe to start Windows 7 RC upgrade process.

    That’s it, Now follow on Screen instructions and choose Upgrade option.

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