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Mar 27, 2009
hi friends,

I have installed 7000 to my com, and I have heard that there is a 7057 version how can i upgrade my 7000 to 7057 i dont know anything about upgrading please tell me one by one what to do?

thanks :D
Do you have Windows 7 built 5057 disk or .iso file? If you do,just put the disk in,or if you have an .iso file mount it with some virtual drive and start your installation.Then when prompt choose - Upgrade,it's as simple as that.
Thanks a lot Cartman, I googled this question "how to upgrade build 7000" many times and I couldn't find anyone saying how to do it! only people saying "yes, it's possible".

Heh, I think I'll try it, I can feel how build 7000 is limiting me, there's some quirky things with windows sometimes and the autoplay on youtube doesn't work rofl.
I'd suggest waiting for the RC.. there's not much of a wait now.. build 7057 is just another daily build.. not ment to be released to the public and it doesn't contain any drastic changes either.. ;) The RC will be available directly from MS when it's released.. meaning you won't have to obtain it illegally ;) and it will contain all the changes that each daily build has and then some..

I am also using build 7000 (32 bit and 64 bit) and I will continue to do so until the RC is released simply because I see no point to using daily builds.. :) I have to disagree on the "build 7000 being limiting" comment.. There certainly aren't any major changes in 7057 from 7000.. so I don't see how you think using that build will make win 7 less 'limiting'... The RC may improve things for you but that all depends on what your doing... ;)
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