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I want to run chkdsk because I am getting some corrupt file errors. But I can't figure out how. I have run it from the command prompt as admin. When i perform a read only test it finds many errors so I try a test that writes as well. It says it will complete the test after reboot. but when I reboot windows starts normally.

I tried performing a chkdsk by booting windows directly to a command prompt. But when i run a test there it only takes a few seconds and doesn't find any errors.

I'm using chkdsk c: /f /r

Could you tell us the exact error message you're receiving?

Any modifications to your system before this started happening?
So first I get something like this. I just randomly got this message as I was using the tool to get picture for this thread. I get them randomly all the time now but for different programs


So I try to run CHKDSK and get this message. So I reboot and after rebooting windows starts normally without going through the check disk routine.

Nothing changed that I know of. I left for a few days and removed the battery from my laptop. When I returned I plugged the battery back in. Along with getting these new messages my battery has gone bad as well. I doubt it is related but it is strange. It says 33% remaining even though it is completely drained and wont charge. I have another battery that works fine.
Go to that directory and delete all files contained within it and give it another try.

Or right-click on the Start button, choose properties, click the Start menu tab and uncheck Store and Display a list of recently opened programs.

this should clear out the folder contents as well.
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Windows wouldn't let me delete the directory, so I didn't. I did uncheck the boxes under the start menu settings. The little flag (action center) still recommends I run a chkdsk. It says reboot computer to run chkdsk. But it doesn't work.

How can I manually run a chkdsk?
First, create a restore point.

You are in the windows\system32 folder.

Switch to the C: drive and try to run it from there.

Or try tapping the F8 key on startup (may be different on some computers) until you get to the screen that has Safe Mode, Safe Mode with networking ,etc. Choose the first option Repair my Computer, the select the command prompt and do a chkdsk from here.

NOTE: You will be in a directory called X:\windows\system32.

If you have a factory partition, you'll need to locate it by changing to the D: or E: drive and do a dir /p to locate the actual C: drive. No change back to the X:\ drive ( at the root and run the command here making sure you're selecting the C: drive or partition
I was trying to CHKDSK the wrong drives!

I was able to perform the CHKDSK from the "repair my computer" section.