How to use FAXING with Hp Officejet G85 in Windows 7


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I recently bought a new computer with Windows 7.

Now when I connect my HP Officejet G85, it automatically installs the Windows7 driver that comes with Windows7.

Printing and scanning is working properly, but I seem to be unable to use it as a FAX machine.

The printer came with a CD but the software that can be found on it can not be installed on this OS and such software is not available on the HP website for Windows7.

1. Is such a software available for Windows7?

2. How can I make the printer work as a FAX machine?

Your help is appreciated!


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In order for you to use your printer as a fax you must have a phone line connected to the printer. Look on the back or printer and you should see a phone jack plug in. If you only have one phone jack in your house, you will need a wall jack splitter. This is for your land line phone and fax and they are only a few bucks most anywhere. If your pinter has it your set, the next step is to run your fax setup software that came with the printer. Since you have the printer software installed already,look in the solution center for something like [settings~fax settings and setup~fax setup wizard]. Then follow the on screen prompts and it will walk you right through it. Also, you should have received a manual with your printer, look in there for the same procedure.