How... what.. is this bug? flickering selections (gifs included)

Hello. Out of all my years of computing I've never heard of or seen this bug, but whatever it is, it's very frustrating. Whenever I select something go into the properties of something that has a selection, it basically disappears. Another one I discovered was that when I go into Task Manager it spams random processes that don't even exist (duplicates them or something). Whatever it is, I can't edit my music files without opening iTunes and I can't stop processes because it flashes so much that it's impossible to select the right one. Also, whenever I go to Windows Update, I have updates that can't install because of an unexpected error that Windows doesn't recognize (This has been lasting a long time, haven't had a problem with it, but it could possibly be an explanation).

Here's some gifs that I made of them:

Task Manager bug/glitch (I whited out the user name tabs):

Properties bug/glitch:


Any help would be much appreciated, but at this point I might just end up restoring. This is so dumb.


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I agree with kemical, such a strange situation would seem to be related to some type of infection. You might also try the following link.

What is Windows Defender Offline?

But could you get a single capture of Task Manager that shows all of the tasks running?

Do you have any third party software that might be effecting the Desktop or Explorer?

Have you tried running SFC /scannow in an Administrative Command Prompt?

The Windows update problem might, as you surmise, be related in some manner. Maybe your problem is keeping it from working, or some failed update is causing the problem. If you could copy the WindowsUpdate.log, which is in the Windows folder, to your desktop. Then copy the last 3 days of entries and paste them into a text file, you can zip it first, or attach the text file so I can check it.


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Wow, I have never seen that either in all my years.
Heres a FREE cmd line Windows Updater
I create a .cmd file in same folder and run it this way
WuInstall /search /download /install

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I've never seen anything like that either but I'd vote for malware as well.

Run Malwarebytes and you could try SuperAntiSpyware too, if Malwarebytes doesn't do it.
Run it in Safe Mode, if you can.

This doesn't seem like it could be a hardware issue since it's actually changing a wide range of Windows displays, not how they appear but what they show, very weird.

I assume you have gone back to earlier restore points.

One last thought, does it do the same thing is Safe Mode?
If it doesn't do it in Safe Mode then it may be possible to narrow it down to what's causing it, if not I think it's time for your restore.


Thanks for all the replies guys but I ended up just restoring to a couple days prior to today and it seems that it has fixed all the problems! :) Thanks a bunch guys! :D


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Thanks for all the replies guys but I ended up just restoring to a couple days prior to today and it seems that it has fixed all the problems! :) Thanks a bunch guys! :D
Glad to hear all is good.. :)

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