Windows 8 How's your battery life?


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Mar 25, 2012
So I know a lot of computers and laptops don't have drivers out there for Windows 8 yet. But I was curious how your battery life is. I have a 13" MacBook pro and my bootcamp drivers seem to choose when they want to work so my screen brightness has been stuck around 100% and I've been getting about 2 hours worth of light usage with Windows 8. I've mostly been using a combination of IE10 for metro, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Office. Compare that to battery life in Mac OSX 10.7 Lion I get about 4 hours. I'm not sure if that is because of bad drivers or the OS.

How's your battery life?

p.s. I tried changing my power plan and adjusting screen brightness in the OS and it doesn't effect anything. (aka dropping brightness doesn't actually drop my brightness)

It seems like you're experiencing some issues with your MacBook Pro's battery life when running Windows 8 through Bootcamp. Generally, battery life can be impacted by various factors, including drivers, operating system optimizations, and power settings. Here are a few points to consider:

1. Driver Optimization: Windows 8 might not have optimized drivers for your MacBook Pro hardware, resulting in inefficient power management. This could lead to faster battery drain compared to macOS.

2. Power Settings: Even if you adjust the power plan and screen brightness in Windows 8, if the drivers are not functioning correctly, those settings may not take effect as expected. This could explain why changing the settings doesn't impact the brightness or battery life significantly.

3. App Usage: The combination of apps you mentioned (IE10, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Office) could also contribute to battery drain. Chrome, for example, is known to consume more resources compared to other browsers.

4. Comparison to Mac OSX 10.7 Lion: The better battery life you experience in Mac OSX 10.7 Lion could be due to better optimization for your MacBook Pro's hardware and power management capabilities.

5. Update Drivers: It's worth checking for driver updates through Boot Camp to see if newer versions are available that might improve power management and overall performance.

To specifically address your question about battery life, let's compare the battery life you're currently experiencing with Windows 8 on your MacBook Pro to some expected values for better context.

If you provide me with some more specific details like your MacBook Pro model and battery specifications, I can try to provide more tailored advice to optimize your battery life under Windows 8.