HP 1018 Driver Corrupted -- Unable to Uninstall

The driver for my HP 1018 has become corrupted and I tried to reinstall it. However, when I tried to uninstall the existing driver via the HP Print and Scan Doctor it informed me that I must uninstall it via the Windows Control Panel, as its uninstaller component is not present.

However, there is no mention of the HP program on the Control Panel. I tried using the Microsoft Fixit program, but as HP was not listed it asked me to insert the Product Code. Where can I find that?

Are there any other steps I can take?

My computer uses Windows 7, 64 bit.


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When you say control panel, do you mean the Programs and Features dialog accessible from the Control Panel? That is where many of the software uninstall utilities are.

But a printer is normally listed in the Devices and Printers Dialog, and can normally be removed there. Maybe the message you got means there is software that needs to be uninstalled. If you system thinks the corrupted drivers are good, you may have to make sure an point it to good drivers.

Do you have good drivers you have downloaded and can then install from a place on your system?

The message I get when I try to print something (Word doc, PDF) is 'Windows cannot connect to the printer. The local print spooler service is not running. Please restart the spooler or restart the machine.' However, when using the HP Doctor, I can print a test sheet.

Just now I downloaded from the HP site and installed the HP 1018 drivers successfully; my printer ran off a Windows Printer Test Page OK. Then when I tried to print a PDF doc, it wouldn't print and a message appeared 'The local print spooler service is not running.' I then tried to uninstall then reinstall the drivers via the HP Doctor, but it asked me to delete via the Windows Control Panel Programs and Features, but that is impossible as there is no HP program noted there.

How do I delete the HP 1018 drivers from my hard-drive, so I can reinstall them afresh? I'm going around in circles here.

When I used XP and Vista, my HP 1018 drivers would occasionally become corrupted for no apparent reason, but I could easily install the drivers that I downloaded from HP. Now something with Windows 7 stops me from doing this.

In the services window, check the print spooler to make sure it's set to automatic and is enabled and that it's started. Then reboot.


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OK, let's look at the Spooler service. It might be stopping because of a problem with the print queue, but deleting the printer in devices and printers should clean out the cue. There are some things you can do to help, but I can't remember right now and will have to do research.

But for now, as Bassfisher6522 says, open Services.msc and check the Print Spooler. If it isn't running, and it is set for the automatic start, try starting it, maybe you will get a message. It also depends on some services that must be started, look at the dependencies tab and check those services the same way.

But it seems, most of the time when this happens, the print queue becomes corrupted and addition print requests will not be completed. If you show the printer icon, you can open it and delete all jobs, perhaps something is still stuck.

I will get back if I find commands for cleaning the Print Queue or resetting the Spooler Service.

Edit: I found this on the HP site, it is not the same printer, but maybe it will give you some ideas..


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Thanks for all the advice so far. Something very odd is happening with the Print Spooler on Computer Management (CM). On the CM status it says that it has 'started', but when I click on it and open it, it says 'stopped' on the service status. I click on 'start' and then tried to print a Word doc. It didn't work, saying that the Print Spooler wasn't working. I looked at the CM, again Print Spooler said 'started', but click on it and its status is 'stopped'.

In short, the Print Spooler keeps stopping automatically as soon as I start it. It keeps turning itself off.

Any ideas what to do?


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Try going to the folder below and see if it contains any files. Mine shows empty and it is suggested to delete any files in the Printers folder.


If you haven't noticed, there are two properties options in the right click menu for printers. The one in the middle (Printer Properties) is the Admin option. You may be able to install a new driver there, if necessary.

Does you printer have a built in printer queue, which you might be able to erase from a menu on the printer?

There is also a chance another printer may be causing the problem.

What type of connection do you have to the unit? If it is wireless, how are the ports set up?

I did what you suggested, and there were two Shockwave files in there, which I deleted. And now -- my printer works! I've just run off a Word doc and a PDF. I think the problem comes from a PDF file that was sent to me and which I tried to print. It was on receipt yesterday run through my McAfee (I scan all attached files on receipt) with nothing nasty indicated. Come to think of it, my printing ability only went wrong when I tried to print it. Perhaps there was something wrong with the file. I'll get back to the person who sent it to me; her files have always been OK before.

Hopefully, I'm OK now.

Many thanks to everyone who helped.

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