HP 1018

I am not able to print wireless from my HP 1018. The printer will install on a windows 7 64-bit and windows vista OS.Ican also see the shared printer on the network. However, when a print job is sent it justgets stuck in the printer que. I can not seem to solve this, any sugesstions? Thanks.


Noob Whisperer
Not sure but I seem to remember that this is one of those printers where you have to "Disable Bi-Directional Support" look into the printer properties, probably the advanced tab or driver tab, see if that option is checked if so try unchecking it. Clear the queue, you may have to reboot or minimally restart the print spooler service.
Also I don't believe that you can use the USB connection and the wireless printing option simultaneously.
Keep us posted.


Noob Whisperer
Sorry, I thought that this printer had its' own wireless card but after some further research it appears that it doesn't. So go here HP LaserJet 1018 Printer -  Download drivers and software - HP Business Support Center and make sure that you have the proper driver for your version of the Operating System downloaded and extracted to a folder of your choice on your computer then do this;
Determine the IP address and Machine Name of the Computer that is hosting the printer (the one that the USB cable is plugged into)
Then on the Client Machine (the one that you want to attach the printer to across the network)
Open Devices and Printers
Remove any previous instance of the printer that you have installed
Select add printer near the top menu bar
Select add local printer
Choose Create a new port and local port from drop down arrow Click Next
In the enter a port name do one of the following
1. \\MachineNameHostingPrinter\Printer'sShareName or
2. \\ipaddressOfMachineHostingPrinter\Printer'sShareName
In the install printer driver dialog box do one of the following
1. In the left panel select your printer manufacturer and in the right panel select your printer model (to use Win7 native drivers) or
2. Select the have disk button and direct the install process to the folder where you have download and extracted the Win 7 drivers for your printer.

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