Windows 7 HP all in one problem


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Feb 5, 2009
I have an HP PSC 1219 printer and am having problems with it, the scanner doesn't seem to work.

Any time I try to scan, no matter which application I use it comes up with an error. When I try to preview it tells me there was an error setting scanner properties and to check if any other application is using the scanner. And if I try to scan it simply says an error has prevented scanning. There is no other software using the scanner, I even unplugged my tablet to see if that was causing a problem but it didn't help.

I had some trouble installing the drivers for the device. HP doesn't have a Vista driver, the printer is automatically installed in Vista and it does work on a Vista laptop I have access to. Initially installing the driver in Windows 7 failed however until an updated driver was available on windows update.

Now however whilst I can print (despite the print spooler crashing periodically) I cannot scan. Does anyone have an ideas how I can fix this. It's a pain having to borrow my Father's laptop whenever I want to scan anything :(
Oops, I didn't read your post close enough and I tried to suggest something you had already done. I had to edit it out. Never mind.
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Is the updated driver you refer to a Vista driver?
I had the opposite problem with an Epson. I could only get the scanner to work. In my case I had to hunt around for third party drivers (Vista) . I then chose to install in Compatibility mode for Vista - .Bingo.
I can only suggest you uninstall every Hp item you can find, and try the same.
I believe they are the Windows Vista drivers, yes. When you say third party drivers, do you mean non HP and non Windows.
nO. I browsed (for a long time) and found another site where someone had written modified drivers. But that was for the Epson.
Have you tried compatibilty mode?
I tried installing the Windows XP HP drivers in compatibility mode and it seems to have worked.

Excellent. Keep that compatibility mode topmost in your mind when using 7 - it's a miracle worker.
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