HP/Compaq CQ62 423NR


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While I await a power supply for my Dell desktop, I have resurrected my HP laptop. There are a few items which I think I can delete but thought I'd check first,

Cisco EAP-Fast module, Cisco LEAP module, Cisco PEAP module,
Microsoft Visual C++ from 2005, (two of these), MSXML 4.0 SP2 (2 of these-kb954430 and kb973688) and Microsoft Visual C++ from 2008, (6 of these). This system is pretty slow so took a bunch of stuff off thru CCleaner - just didn't know about the above. Seems much more responsive now.

Another question - I installed my Canon printer on this one. If I want to keep the laptop portable, can I just disconnect the printer from laptop and reconnect when I need it? Thanks in advance...


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You can remove the EAP modules unless you're connecting to some corporate network or something that requires the wireless protocols. The others I would leave since many programs may need them.

Side note uninstalling any of these items won't speed the computer since none of them load on start up only by other processes.

Yes the printer can be disconnected and reconnected as needed without any issues.


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Thanks for info. Will proceed accordingly. Also with regard to the Dell p.s., That just plugs into power and computer correct? No other actions needed...


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I'd leave the Visual C++ alone. They're all needed by whatever programs installed them.