HP Deskjet 6840 a no go in W7 RTM

Amazing, I had no problems getting this printer hooked up with the Beta or RC, but now with the RTM it just won't work. I can install the driver from the MS catalogue, and get a pretty icon in the Devices & Printers panel. If I right click on it I see all the relevant settings for this printer in properties. But when I try to print a test page I just get a popup telling me I have an 0x0000007A error. Unlike other reports I have seen associated with this error, it does not result in a BSOD.

So, not sure who is to blame here. HP for a duff driver, or MS for a bug in the OS. I checked the event logs and could see no entry for it any of them, so I can't tell what the additional parms are that go with this error to help diagnose it.

The printer is connected to the network via an ethernet cable to the router. There are three other computers attached to the network that happily print to the same printer, two are running XP, the third Vista. It is only the W7 PC that can't use it.

Anyone got any ideas?

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How did you install the printer on W7.

You should have installed it as a LOCAL printer (not NETWORK) and then in the create new port give it a TCPIP port type with the IP address of the printer.

I'm sure I've made some previous posts on sharing printers - especially between 32 and 64 bit systems.



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If this us a USB printer Windows sometimes assigns it to print to file

Choose properties and make sure the port is USB001.

@jimbo45, tried this. It did not work. Seems to me it is the same as letting Windows install it as a network printer anyway, as it results in the same driver getting installed.

Can I ask you, do you actually have this printer?

It worked fine when I installed it as a network printer under W7 beta and W7 RC. It doesn't work under the final W7 RTM version. Something obviously changed in between.

I thought that all drivers that make it into the Windows driver catalogue have been tested against the hardware and found to work okay?

I would stick this printer on Ebay and get a new one (not an HP this time as it won't work when W8 comes out!), but it is actually a good piece of hardware. I Had an HP scanner once that was also a great bit of hardware, but when I went from Windows 2000 to XP I could not get a driver for it and had to junk it.

It annoys me the way companies like HP and Logitech chose not to participate in the W7 beta saying they only release drivers for official OS releases, and then when W7 came out their software isn't there (Logitech webcam software - driver was released, software package wasn't), or doesn't work :mad:

It has been a couple of months now I guess since W7 RTM came out and no fix yet :(

Other than that, I have had less that a couple of problems with W7 and will say it is honestly the best Windows OS I have used yet and is what Vista should have been. I just wish these hardware vendors would get their acts together on their software.


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