HP dv9000 9930us - Constant BSOD after install only works in safe mode


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Hey all,

I've got:
HP notebook a Pavillion dv9000 9930us
4 gig DDR2 SDRAM
Nvidia Geforce 8600M GS
320 gig HD

Was: Windows Vista Home Premium x64
Now: Windows 7 Ultimate x64

and windows 7 does not love me. Every time I install things look to be going smoothly, then on the first boot (and from then on) every time I try to access any admin privileges I get the BSOD usually from IRQ, or page memory or a number of messages and the computer immediately reboots. This isn't a problem when I'm in safe mode, but when I'm there it shows that all the hardware is installed and working. Even then safe mode only gives me about 2 hours before it BSODs again.

Does this laptop just hate windows 7 or is there something I can do about this?

Thanks forum.

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I have an hp laptop and they have win7 32 and 64 drivers posted on their site for it. I looked for your model and they don't have any win7 drivers Link Removed - Invalid URL
maybe have to wait on hp to release some???


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Unfortunately, HP has announced that basically older models will not be supported by HP and if you install windows 7 your on your own basically. Hopefully enough people will see how much better windows 7 is and that will put pressure on HP to do something.


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Are you showing any errors or warnings in the event viewer?

You can do a logged boot and check that file to see if anything shows up.

Does HP have any updated Windows 7 x64 drivers for your system?

If all else fails, you might revert to a 32 bit install.


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Thanks for the comments I've found a partial solution.

Turn off most of the windows services in MSCONFIG and turn them on one by one selectively until you get all the features you want.

Its a pain in the ass to constantly reboot looking for which service is crashing your system, but it solved the problem for me. Hope this helps someone.

-Rob out


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I have the 9930us with the nvidia 8600m gs and everything else likes you do and it is working seemlessly. only problem i had was I had to install the video driver from nvidia


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Problem never ended

The turning off services was only a partial fix it seems the notebook is refusing to work with ANYTHING but vista.

I tried installing windows 7 several times, tried even downgrading to XP64 and nothing worked.

I'm right now back on my machine with vista 64 and I'm hating it.

Does anyone know whats going on with this?


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Re: Problem never ended

Dear all,

I have an Hp 9930us and i changed from vista 64 to Window 7 ultimate without any problem.
FOR NVIDIA just use the vista old driver that was in pc before upgrading.

If you need anymore help just let me know.